Characters, Stories & Madness

I am obsessed with creating characters because it is my way to bond with places and people. Alejandro Jodorowsky, the writer, talks about embracing our inner madness, instead of being scared of it. This idea unleashed my inner “animal” and made me a happier photographer. Besides that, my inspiration comes from music and day-dreaming.

Important Female Talk

Throughout ads, magazines and other types of media, the world has told and keeps telling women how we should think, behave and sometimes, feel. I wanted to use some exaggerated and old fashion ideas, to honor all the progress that we have achieved for far. In addition, by matching my footage of contemporary women with the audio of old radio shows, I would like to express my response to media, and mock some shoulds and shouldn'ts that we have heard at some point in history or our lives.

Gender Binarism

as a socio-political construction

Series inspired by the ideas of the Spanish philosopher, Beto Preciado, who believes that gender binarism is only a socio-political construction, which causes violence in today’s society. As a queer feminist, she proposes the normalization of gender diversity as a solution to this problem. 

These photographs present individuals who do not identify with the labels women nor men. Each individual was photograph at their favorite place with their favorite outfit in order to capture their essence. Personally, I think that art is a great tool to integrate the concept of gender diversity in society because it has the power to transmit beauty and vulnerability in an intimate way. 

Le Visual Dictionary

On-going personal project that started as pure procrastination. My idea was to look for cool words and redefine them in a more fun, and maybe, naughtier way.

Skin & Heart

Photographs from people on the other side of the world. I was amazed by my observations; everyone seemed to be very present in the moment and connected with their surroundings. Sharing a space or just food happened very naturally, as well as smiling back. These images were taken in Thailand, Hong Kong, Vietnam and Cambodia.