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Hi, I’m Ana.

As an Art Director, I strive to communicate ideas that will bring positive change to my surroundings.

Growing up in different places, surrounded by individuals with strong personalities, has shaped my views on authenticity. Throughout my art, I like to emulate absurd behaviors, exaggerate everyday moods, and understand the dynamic of relationships. I constantly try to find the fun in the mundane, which allows me to connect and entertain people in unexpected ways.

As a curious woman, I’m always up to something. You can email me for collaborations, or contact me to add some glitter to your brand :).

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Why Advertising?

Advertising empowers me to communicate ideas through different media, and to bring positive change to my surroundings.

My desire to bring positive change made me consider majoring in Environmental Science or Psychology. Time passed, and I realized that I prefer to contribute by observing and opening dialogues.

Advertising allows me to connect with different audiences, and meet their needs in strategic ways. It also keeps me awake trying to put together some characters, a cool story and technology to communicate a brand’s message. It’s a little crazy, but coffee keeps me going.